4GB Skyrim Mod

4GB Skyrim Mod 1.5

Get the best Skyrim performance with this Mod


  • Improves performance
  • Makes other mods easier to use
  • Fixes Large Address Aware problem


    Very good

    The 4GB Skyrim Mod is a mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It allows the game to use more than the 2GB of virtual memory that it is normally limited to.

    If you've got a gaming PC, you'll want a game like Skyrim to take full advantage of all that power you have. With 4GB Skyrim Mod, you can. This allows you to add more mods without worrying about the game's RAM consumption. The game will run smoother, and if you have experienced memory related crashes, the Skyrim4GB mod should stop or reduce them. The 4GB Skyrim Mod replaces most of the advantages of the now defunct Large Address Aware mod, which doesn't function with Steam.

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    4GB Skyrim Mod improves the performance of the game on powerful PCs, allowing you to add graphical enhancement mods without problems.

    4GB Skyrim Mod


    4GB Skyrim Mod 1.5

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